Things to think about

When I am planning for our week ahead I think on a meal-by-meal basis. First, I go down a list of all the foods we will have for the week for breakfast. I try to keep it simple, so if oatmeal and dried fruit is one day, it is probably most days breakfast. Next week we can have something else. Each day I pack 4-5 lunches, so I also make sure I have planned what snacks will be in those sacks. Same as my breakfast plan, most days we will have the same thing for that week, although I will usually throw in a surprise one day, maybe egg salad or leftovers. When it comes to my dinner plan, I usually plan for five days. One day is a leftover day, and another is typically our eating out night. Also, there is no such thing as planning without really taking a look at your eating habits and schedule. For instance, if my son has two baseball games this week at 7 pm, I can’t expect that we will be sitting down to a formal meal at 6:00. Those nights I think light and easy heat ups.

The preparation seems hard at first, but what you will find is that everything about shopping, cooking and eating will be so much simpler. You are taking the worry about what is for dinner, you will stop wasting so much food that you buy and can’t remember why, or just never get to. It also becomes second nature, and gets much easier with time!

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