Easy Chicken Dinner with Beans and Tomatoes

This is one of those meals that you can pull together at the last minute, it also is forgiving with vegetables, you could definitely add broccoli or more peppers, or maybe snap peas depending on the season. The key to batch cooking is knowing what you can prep ahead of time. For this recipe I had the beans presoaked and ready to go, it was just a matter of putting everything in a baking dish and inserting into the oven. You are looking at 15 minutes, tops!

4 cups of cooked cannellini beans
1 chopped red pepper
1 chopped yellow pepper
A handful of basil
4 cloves of garlic, smashed!
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
3 pounds of chicken thighs, we used skin on, lucky us!


Heat your oven up to 425 and take your largest baking dish, I used an 11 by 13 and put in the beans, tomatoes, and peppers. Drizzle your beans and vegetables with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, lightly salt and pepper, add basil and garlic, and then mix. Place your chicken on top of the bean mixture, add a sprinkle of pepper and rub with olive oil (this will make the skin crisp up). Insert in oven and enjoy time with your kiddos.


In approximately 40 minutes you can enjoy your dinner!

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